Richard Underhill

Richard Underhill

Toronto, ON

Richard Underhill’s wonderfully melodic alto sax playing, great writing and arranging skills and in-from-the-outside soloing make him one of Canada’s most distinctive jazz performers.

Writing and recording music since 1984, Richard won a 2003 Juno Award for his jazz debut Tales from the Blue Lounge and was nominated for the Prix du Jazz at the 2003 Montreal Jazz Festival. He has toured the world extensively with the Shuffle Demons, playing festivals from Bangkok to Buenos Aires, Montreal to Mumbai, Tokyo to Torino and 100s of places in between.

His 3rd album Kensington Suite garnered significant critical acclaim and was nominated for a 2008 Juno Award and his 2nd album Moment in Time was also nominated for a Juno Award in 2007.

A truly original jazz composer and arranger, Richard’s exciting original music captivates audiences with singable melodies, outstanding musicianship and engaging performances.

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