(New Orleans Brass Band) Calgary, AB
Delirium Street Party Brass

Delirium Street Party Brass

(New Orleans Brass Band) Calgary, AB

Delirium was formed in 2012. Inspired by the evolving “riot jazz” brass bands (e.g. The Soul Rebels, The Dirty Dozen Brass Band, The Youngblood Brass Band ) the Calgary based musicians wanted to leave a lot of the jazz influence behind and push the genre further into ska, punk and party rock, focusing on high energy music like No Doubt, The Clash and feature strong female vocals. In 2018 the band reformed for a wedding in Banff with more drums, more horns, and two new vocalists. The show was so successful that the band hit the studio to bring together more great party brass tunes, releasing a retrospective CD in 2019, hosting open Horn Jams, and making ambitious plans for the 2020 summer festival and busking season. Of course, like so many other bands, the COVID-19 Pandemic killed those plans, but opened up other opportunities. The best professional horn players and percussion players in the land became available, and as the pandemic waned and the vaccines arrived the public was hungry for outdoor pandemic-friendly music. With our society on the verge of a full re-opening, there is a deep need for live music and community-based performances from great artists again, to feed our souls. Delirium Street Party Brass Band has assembled the top brass, woodwind, and percussion players in Alberta along with multiple vocalists and guest artists to create a local collective like nothing else around. This band fulfills the needs of outdoor, festival, community centre -based and indoor programming and puts on an exciting and fun show that is super-mobile and equally enjoyable for families, young children, musicians, and hipsters alike.

John Abraham – Band Leader, Trombone/Vocals

Michael Gluszak – Drums/Percussion

Dave Lake – Drums/Percussion

Bob Fenske – Vibraphone/Percussion/Vocals

Gavin Sorochan – Drums/Percussion

Ron Murias – Drums/Percussion

Jeremy Coates – Tuba

Dana Kaukinen – Saxophones

Erin Elies – Saxophones/Vocals

Allistair Elliott – Trumpet

Scott Morin – Saxophones

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