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we are often asked: how do we keep everyone safe?

Curbside Concerts started as a result of Covid-19. Founders Matt and Amanda Burgener saw that musicians were out of work and music lovers were out of live music. They put two and two together and created a safe way to bring live music to communities in Canada. We stay up to date daily with the ever changing guidelines as safety is our absolute number one priority. We adhere to all restrictions and regulations by health officials in each province to ensure the hosts, their guests, and the artists all have a completely safe, positive and meaningful experience.
- Our artists set up at curbside/boulevard at least 8-12 feet from host and household.
- Our artists bring battery powered speakers for their vocals and instruments so no power is needed from the home/building and contact is not necessary.
- We send an email to each host directing each customer on how to properly set up their Curbside Concert so they and their guests stay safe.

"Curbside Concerts is knowledgeable and informative regarding Covid-19 safety procedures and regulations. They helped to make sure our Curbside Concert was safely organized and enjoyable."
- Marni L, Winnipeg

"Curbside Concerts are extremely professional and follow all restrictions related to Covid 19. I felt completely safe at all times and was thrilled with the quality of the concert. No hesitation in recommending them while we have restrictions and I hope they stay around after too." - Robyn P, Winnipeg

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