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Tell us where you are and when you'd like your Curbside Concert. Our national team of producers can connect you to an artist virtually anywhere.

If you aren't familiar with our artists, tell us about the occasion or your favourite genre, and we'll go from there.


Confirm The Details

One of our stellar Producers will be in touch with you to confirm all the details or answer your questions.

If you don't see your region listed, or an artist your ready to book, no worries. Our regions and rosters are growing everyday and we're happy to source and book you an artist in your area.


Enjoy the Show!

Feel the music again! Live and in-person!
Your artist will come with everything needed to perform at a physically safe distance.

Curbside Concert adheres to all health and safety, noise and parking bylaws.

How Did Curbside Concerts Start?
As professional performing musicians, we need - and love! - live audiences to do our work. As responsible citizens we also need our live audiences to stay at home.  Curbside Concerts is how we bridge the gap.

Keeping audiences and performers safe is our first priority and we ensure all physical distancing guidelines are prioritized.
The founder
Curbside Concerts was launched by veteran Calgary performer Matt Masters. The versatile and much loved singer leads the house band at Calgary's historic King Eddy  performs with Barney Bentall & the Cariboo Express and until recently was a host on CKUA Radio.


"Jaime was amazing and we had so much fun! Huge shout out to everyone involved with this organization - a great way to enjoy local, live music in a safe way! Awesome job guys"

Ashlee G, Winnipeg

"I very much appreciate everything you and this organization are doing. This effort is repleting my energy a little and giving me a joyful evening with my family and friends."

Audra, Winnipeg

The concert was fantastic. Thanks for making it easy and for a wonderful experience

Clare, Ottawa

"Amazing night thank you!! So appreciated. The unplugged moments were the best. Everyone is talking about how and where we could book you again."

Michelle, Calgary

"Thanks so much for your concert today. That was a birthday I won't forget."

James, Toronto

"Yesterday was fantastic! I'm still getting messages this morning from people saying what a nice time they had last night and that JD's music was really great. Also several inquiries as to when the next one would be!"

Lindsey, Winnipeg

Thank you to our Calgary partner, Volvo

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